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Aadikeshava – Routine action drama



Release Date : November 24, 2023 Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Panja Vaisshnav Tej, Joju George, Sreeleela, Sada, Suman, Radhika Sarathkumar, Aparna Das, Tanikella Bharani and others

Director: Srikanth N. Reddy

Producers: Naga Vamsi S & Sai Soujanya

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar

Cinematographer: Dudley

Editor: Navin Nooli


Balu, portrayed by Panja Vaisshnav Tej, lives a cheerful life and becomes part of a cosmetic company run by Chitra, played by Sreeleela. However, just as everything seems to be sailing smoothly, an unforeseen turn in Balu’s life story is revealed.

The mystery surrounding Balu’s identity and his connection to Chenga Reddy, portrayed by Joju George, along with his association with a village named Brahmasamudram, forms the crux of the film’s narrative. All these intriguing questions find their answers as the story unfolds on screen.


Balu (Panja Vaisshnav Tej) ek khush-haal zindagi jee raha hai aur Chitra (Sreeleela) ke sheher ka cosmetic company mein kaam karta hai. Jab sab kuch achhe se chal raha hota hai, tab Balu ki kahani mein ek anjaani mod aata hai. Balu kaun hai, aur uska kya rishta hai Chenga Reddy (Joju George) aur Brahmasamudram gaon se? In saare sawalon ke jawab film mein milenge.

Plus Points:

Panja Vaisshnav Tej ventures into a fresh genre with his debut in a commercial action drama, demonstrating notable growth in his acting, dancing, and fighting abilities compared to his previous works.

Sreeleela adds a touch of glamour to the screen, elevating the film’s allure. Her on-screen chemistry with Panja Vaisshnav Tej is commendable, further enhanced by her impressive dancing skills.

The initial half of the film is peppered with comedic moments, courtesy of Vaisshnav and Nellore Sudhakar, evoking laughter. The rest of the cast delivers satisfactory performances, contributing to the movie’s overall appeal.

Panja Vaisshnav Tej apne pehle commercial action drama mein naye kshetra mein kadam rakhte hain aur unki acting, dancing aur fighting skills mein pichhle projects ke mukaable mein sudhar dikhai deti hai.

Sreeleela screen par glamor laati hain, jisse film ka appeal aur bhi badh jaata hai. Unki on-screen chemistry Panja Vaisshnav Tej ke saath achhi hai, aur unki exceptional dancing skills isse aur bhi behtar bana deti hain.

Pehla hissa Vaisshnav aur Nellore Sudhakar ke comedy scenes se bhara hua hai, jo hassi ka bahaana banate hain, jabki dusre cast members ne bhi khush-haal performances di hain.

Minus Points:

The storyline suffers from a lack of originality, making it quite predictable. While the first half maintains a pleasant flow with enjoyable comedy, the second half loses its grip due to the protagonist’s flawed character portrayal and exaggerated scenes.

The film boasts entertaining fight sequences, but occasionally ventures into unrealistic moments that seem inspired by a well-known director’s style.

Aadikeshava introduces numerous characters without adequate development, leaving actors like Suman, Sada, Aparna Das, and others with relatively shallow roles. Sreeleela’s character, while decent, seems confined mainly to dance sequences and a handful of romantic scenes. Joju George’s character lacks the expected intensity, a result of the writing not allowing his character to shine as it should.

Kahaani ka plot kuch weak lagta hai, jisme asliyat ki kami hai aur sab kuch aasaani se predict ho jaata hai. Jabki pehla hissa mazedaar comedy ke saath smooth rehta hai, dusra hissa lead character ke adhoore shades aur over-the-top scenes ki wajah se thoda weak lagta hai.

Film mein entertaining fight scenes hain, lekin kabhi-kabhi yeh unrealistic moments mein bhi chala jaata hai, jo kisi jaane maane director ki style ki yaad dilaate hain.

Aadikeshava mein kai anavashyak characters introduce kiye gaye hain jinke proper development nahi hua hai, jisse actors jaise Suman, Sada, Aparna Das, aur doosre roles ko thoda light weight lagta hai. Sreeleela ka role theek hai, lekin woh sirf dance sequences aur kuch love scenes tak hi seemit hai. Joju George ke character mein aggression ki kami hai, jo unko chamakne nahi deti, yeh likhne ko dosh diya ja sakta hai.

Technical Aspects:

Debuting writer and director Srikanth N Reddy demonstrates prowess in creating clean comedy but struggles to present a captivating story that truly engages the audience.

GV Prakash Kumar, the music director, delivers an average score, while cinematographer Dudley puts in commendable effort to give the film a visually appealing and rich look. The editing meets expectations, and the film benefits from decent production values, enhancing its overall presentation.

Naye writer aur director Srikanth N Reddy ne saaf comedy mein chamak dikhayi, lekin audience ko pakadne wali kahani mein thoda chook gaye hain.

Music director GV Prakash Kumar ka score average hai. Cinematographer Dudley ne film ko khoobsurat dikhane ke liye apna best diya hai. Editing expectations ko meet karti hai, aur acchi production values film ki madad karti hain.


Aadikeshava emerges as a middling action drama that showcases Panja Vaisshnav Tej in a different role. His adept comedy timing, action sequences, Sreeleela’s allure, and the humor-filled first half serve as the film’s strengths. However, its outdated storyline, exaggerated action scenes in the latter part, and surplus of unnecessary sequences act as significant drawbacks.

Given these aspects, exploring alternative entertainment options this weekend might be a wise consideration.

Aadikeshava overall ek average action drama hai, jo Panja Vaisshnav Tej ko ek naye andaaz mein dikhaata hai. Unki comedy timing, action scenes mein performance, Sreeleela ka glamour aur pehle hisse ke comedy scenes kuch positives hain, lekin outdated storyline, dusre hisse ke over-the-top action scenes aur anavashyak scenes kuch kamiyaan hain. Is weekend ko alag entertainment options consider karna ek samajhdaar faisla ho sakta hai.  Rating: 2.5/5

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