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Kotabommali PS movie – Review Watchable survival thriller



kotabommali ps movie in hindi

Srikanth Meka ki bahut hi besabri se intezaar ki gayi film, Kotabommali PS movie review, aaj theaters mein aayi hai aur promotions ke zariye kaafi dhamaal machaya hai. Kya jaanna chaahte hain film kaisi hai? Toh hamari review mein jaakar sabhi details paa sakte hain!

Release Date : November 24, 2023 Rating : 3/5

Starring: Srikanth, Rahul Vijay, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Shivani Rajashekar

Director: Teja Marni

Producers: Bunny Vas, Vidya Koppineedi

Music Director: Ranjin Raj

Cinematographer: Jagadeesh Cheekati

Editor: Karthika Srinivas R

Srikanth Meka’s much-anticipated movie, Kotabommali PS, hit the theaters today, generating quite a buzz through its promotions. Curious about how the film turned out? Dive into our review for all the details!

Srikanth Meka ki bahut hi besabri se intezaar ki gayi film, Kotabommali PS, aaj theaters mein aayi hai aur promotions ke zariye kaafi dhamaal machaya hai. Kya jaanna chaahte hain film kaisi hai? Toh hamari review mein jaakar sabhi details paa sakte hain!

kotabommali ps movie in hindi

Kotabommali PS movie Story:

Follow Rama Krishna, a seasoned cop stationed at Kotabommali Police Station, guiding the fresh faces of the force, Ravi Kumar and Kumari. Their paths intertwine with Home Minister Barisela Jayaraj, whose political strategies lean heavily on caste dynamics to secure electoral victories in the region.

Their worlds collide on a pivotal day when Rama Krishna and his trainees stumble upon an issue that could disrupt Jayaraj’s calculated ascent to power. Unraveling the depths of this problem, exploring Jayaraj’s maneuvers, witnessing the police force’s allegiance to their comrades, and ultimately discerning the outcome—all these threads weave together in the movie’s narrative, inviting you to discover the riveting tale firsthand.

Rama Krishna, ek senior cop hai jo Kotabommali Police Station mein posted hain. Woh naye officers, Ravi Kumar aur Kumari ko guide kar rahe hain. Unki kahani milti hai Home Minister Barisela Jayaraj ki, jinki rajneeti mein jaati ke dynamics ka bhaari istemal hota hai sthanik chunav jeetne ke liye.

Unki duniya ek mahatvapurn din par takraati hai jab Rama Krishna aur unke trainees ko ek mudde se samna karna padta hai jo Jayaraj ke satta mein uthne ki soochi hui chaal ko bigad sakta hai. Is samasya ke gehrai ko kholtay hue, Jayaraj ke chalakiyon ko samajhte hue, police force ke saathiyon ki taaqat ko dekhte hue, aur antim roop mein parinaam ko samajhne mein, yeh sabhi baatein film ki kahani mein judti hain, jo aapko khud is dilchasp kahani ko pehli baar dekhne ko prerna deti hai.

Kotabommali PS movie Plus Points:

It sounds like Kotabommali PS drew inspiration from the Malayalam film Nayattu, keeping the core plot intact while also staying remarkably faithful to the original. Despite this challenge, the film found its footing through clever casting choices and strategic filming locations.

Srikanth Meka shines in his role, skillfully portraying the layers of a dedicated policeman and a loving father with depth and finesse. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, as an investigation officer, brings a balanced and refined performance to the screen. Murali Sharma’s portrayal of a self-serving politician leaves a lasting impression, and Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajasekhar also make impactful contributions. The entire ensemble cast puts forth their best efforts, enhancing the film’s quality.

The build-up to the climax and the climax itself stand out as the movie’s most captivating moments. The musical score seamlessly weaves into the storytelling, while the well-crafted dialogues, courtesy of the writing team, further enrich the narrative.

Kotabommali PS ne Malayalam film Nayattu se prerna li, mool kahani ko barkarar rakhte hue apna apna andaaz joda. Is mushkil ke bawajood, film ne samajhdari se actors aur shooting locations ko chuna aur apni jagah bana li.

Srikanth Meka apne role mein chamak rahe hain, ek samarpit police officer aur pyaar karne wale pita ke roop mein gehraiyon se nibha rahe hain. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, jaise ek investigation officer, layak bhavnaon se bhara performance de rahi hain. Murali Sharma ka swarthy neta ka kirdaar gehra chhapa chhodta hai, aur Rahul Vijay aur Shivani Rajasekhar bhi apna prabhav chhodte hain. Puri team ne milkar film ko nikhar diya hai.

Climax ki tayyari aur khud climax film ke sabse dilchasp lamhon ke roop mein ujagar hain. Sangeet kahaani mein behetar fit hota hai, aur likhne wale team ke acche dialogues kahani ko aur gehraiyon se bharti karte hain.

It seems like the movie truly hits its stride in the pre-climax and climax, becoming the standout moments that define the entire film. The musical score’s seamless integration enhances the storytelling, while the carefully constructed dialogues, thanks to the talented writing team, add depth and richness to the narrative. These elements collectively elevate the movie’s impact and make those scenes particularly noteworthy.

Movie ka asli damadum pre-climax aur climax mein lagta hai, jo poori film ko define karte hain. Sangeet ka behetar istemal kahaani ko aur majboot banata hai, jabki mahir likhne wale team ke dhyaan se taiyaar kiye gaye dialogues kahani ko gehraai aur mayne bharti hain. Yeh sab milke movie ko bhaari takat dete hain aur voh scenes khaas taur par yaadgaar banate hain.

kotabommali ps film

Kotabommali PS movie Minus Points:

It seems like Kotabommali PS tackles the weight of political influence on law enforcement, a theme portrayed through meticulously crafted scenes. However, a faster-paced first half might have intensified viewer engagement, allowing for a more immediate connection.

While the film captures the essence of the original with its deliberate pacing, there could have been a chance to inject more energy and engagement into the story by altering the screenplay, particularly in the initial segments. Additionally, delving deeper into the emotional bond between Srikanth and his daughter could have heightened the audience’s emotional investment, especially leading up to the climax.


Kotabommali PS lagta hai ki siyasat ka asar police par kaise hota hai, yeh khaas karke soojh-boojh se bani scenes se dikhaya gaya hai. Lekin, agar pehla hissa tej hota, toh audience ka connection aur bhi gehra ho sakta tha.

Film ne mool ki rooh ko pakad liya hai apni dhyaan se chalne ke saath, lekin screenplay mein badlav karke kahani mein aur energy aur engagement laana bhi ek mauka tha, khaas karke shuruvati hisson mein. Aur Srikanth aur uski beti ke beech ki jazbaati rishte ko aur bhi gehra kar dete, especially climax ke nazdeek, to audience ka emotional connect aur bhi strong ho sakta tha.

Kotabommali PS movie Technical Aspects:

Director Teja Marni skillfully maintains the film’s essence in line with the original, although a bit more dynamism in the screenplay during the first half could have added to its overall impact.

Ranjin Raj’s music and score add an intriguing layer to the film, contributing depth to the storytelling. However, while Jagadeesh Cheekati’s cinematography is satisfactory, a more immersive visual experience could have amplified the thrill factor. Additionally, some trimming of unnecessary scenes in the initial segments by Karthika Srinivas R could have tightened the pacing. Overall, the production values are decent but could have been further enhanced.

Director Teja Marni ne film ki asliyat ko mazbooti se nibhaya hai, lekin screenplay ke shuruvati hisson mein thoda aur josh aur dynamism ho sakta tha, jo film ke impact ko aur bhi badha sakta tha.

Ranjin Raj ki music aur score ne kahaani ko aur bhi rochak bana diya hai, jo kahani mein gehraai laata hai. Lekin, Jagadeesh Cheekati ki cinematography toh theek hai, lekin ek aur immersive visual experience aur thrill ko aur bhi badha sakta tha. Aur Karthika Srinivas R ke dwara shuruvati hisson mein kuch anavashyak scenes ko kam kar dena screenplay ko aur bhi majboot bana sakta tha. Overall, production values acche hain lekin thoda aur improve kiya ja sakta tha.

Kotabommali PS film Verdict:

Overall, Kotabommali PS stands as a watchable survival thriller, propelled by standout performances from Srikanth, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Murali Sharma. However, its deliberate pace in the first half and a consistently serious tone might not resonate with every viewer. Yet, if one can look past these aspects, the movie could serve as a decent choice for weekend entertainment.

Kotabommali PS ek dekhne layak survival thriller hai, jisme Srikanth, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar aur Murali Sharma ke khaas performances hai. Lekin, pehle hisse ki dhyaan se chalne wali gati aur hamesha serious tone har viewer ko pasand nahi aayega. Par agar in cheezon ko ignore kar sake, toh movie ek accha weekend entertainment ho sakta hai. rating: 3/5

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