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Mangalavaaram – Satisfactory rural thriller



mangalawaaram movie review

Release Date : November 17, 2023 Rating : 3/5

Starring: Payal Rajput, Ajmal Ameer, Nandita Sweta, Chaitanya Krishna, Ajay Ghosh, Divya Pillai, Ravindra Vijay, and others

Director: Ajay Bhupathi

Producers: Swathi Reddy Gunupati, Suresh Varma M

Music Director: Ajaneesh Loknath

Cinematographer: Sivendra Dasaradhi

Editor: Madhav Kumar Gullapalli



“Mangalavaaram” is set in a serene rural landscape where a string of deaths startles the villagers. Each victim is suspected to have been involved in an extramarital affair, and eerily, all deaths occur on Tuesdays. In response to these puzzling occurrences, the villagers unite to unravel the mystery behind these tragic events. The heart of the story lies in discovering the identity of the killer and uncovering their motives. As the plot unfolds, “Mangalavaaram” delves into the intricate web of secrets, suspicions, and hidden motives that shroud the community, revealing a tale of suspense and intrigue.

“Mangalavaaram” ek gramin kshetra mein set hai, jahaan kuch achanak mauten gaon ke logon ko chaukati hain. Maana jaata hai ki jo log mar gaye hain, unka gair shaadi mein sambandh tha. Aur sabhi mauten Mangalvaar ko hui hain. Jaldi hi, gaon ke logon ne un mauton ke peeche chhupa raaz suljhaane ka ek plan banaya hai. Kaun hai qaatil? Uska maksad kya hai? Yahi Mangalavaaram ki kahani hai.

Plus Points:

“Mangalavaaram” undertakes an uncommon discussion, a subject not widely explored in mainstream Telugu cinema, for which the director deserves praise. The film navigates a delicate balance between its concept and the risk of crossing into vulgarity, skillfully preserving the essence it intends to convey. Ajay Bhupathi’s handling of Payal’s character stands out, allowing audiences to empathize with her journey by the movie’s conclusion.

The latter half of the film brings clarity, delving into Payal Rajput’s backstory and the adversities she faces. Several crucial twists, especially the climax reveal, leave a strong impact, keeping the narrative engaging throughout this segment.

Payal Rajput courageously takes on an unconventional role, delivering a remarkable performance. Portraying a character with a health disorder, her emotional depth shines through, particularly in poignant moments where her tears reflect her exceptional talent. Ajaneesh Loknath’s captivating background score becomes the beating heart of this thriller. Ajay Gosh, Ajmal Ameer, Ravindra Vijay, and Divya Pillai also deliver commendable performances in their respective roles.

“Mangalavaaram” ek aisa mudda uthane ki koshish karta hai jo bahut kam logon ko pata hota hai, aur is mainstream Telugu cinema mein aise kuch ko lekar director ko khaas taareef ka haq hai. Film ke concept aur badkirdaari ke beech bahut hi kam dhaara hai, aur agar yeh theek se handle nahi hota, toh film ka asli uddeshya khatre mein pad sakta tha. Lekin Ajay Bhupathi ne Payal ke character ko design kiya hai jo kaafi achha hai, aur film ke ant tak log usse samajhne lagte hain.

Movie ka doosra hissa wahi hai jahaan sab kuch apne jagah par aata hai. Hum Payal Rajput ke backstory ko dekhte hain aur uske jeevan ki kathinaiyon ko bhi samajhte hain. Saath hi, kuch important twists bhi samne aate hain. Climax mein aane wala twist impressively presented hai. Is doosre ghante mein narrative kaafi engaging hai.

Payal Rajput ne ek anokhe character ko nibhaya hai, jo shayad koi aur na kar paaye. Performance ke mamle mein, Payal Rajput ne bahut accha kaam kiya hai. Unka character ek health disorder se peedit hai, aur actress ne uss role ko puri tarah justice diya hai. Unki kuch important moments mein ro padna unki acting ka saboot hai. Ajaneesh Loknath Mangalavaaram ka doosra hero hai. Unka intriguing background score is thriller ki jaan hai. Ajay Gosh, Ajmal Ameer, Ravindra Vijay aur Divya Pillai bhi apne roles mein acche hain.

Minus Points:

The first half of the film struggles with inconsistent storytelling, lacking a cohesive narrative flow. The initial setup doesn’t grip the audience effectively. While Payal Rajput’s entry marks a pivotal moment, the events leading up to the interval lack excitement. Despite a series of murders in the village, the tension fails to build adequately. Some scenes, like the villagers’ conflicts, lack impactful presentation.

Although the background score is impressive, the writing in the first hour lacks depth. Despite impressive technical aspects, the thrill and gripping moments are absent. A prominent actor’s cameo falls short due to underdeveloped characterization, contributing to a slightly clumsy presentation in certain sequences. Additionally, the storytelling pattern occasionally echoes that of a recent Telugu blockbuster, which might feel repetitive to viewers.

Pehla hissa neeche se kuch kamzor hai aur narration inconsistent hai. Shuruwat ki tarah chizon ko set up karna achha nahi hai. Payal Rajput ka introduction interval tak hota hai, lekin yahan problem yeh nahi hai. Interval tak ke scenes itne exciting nahi hote. Gaon mein ek series of murders hoti hai, lekin tension theek se build nahi hoti. Kuch scenes, jaise gaonwale aapas mein ladai karte hain, ache se present nahi kiye gaye hain.

Background score bila shuba top-notch hai, lekin likhawat pehle ghante mein depth nahi rakhti. Edge-of-the-seat moments yahan par missing hain, wala ki technical values kaafi zabardast hain. Film mein ek mashhoor actor ka cameo hai, lekin woh character achhe se develop nahi hua hai. Kuch sequences mein presentation thoda clumsy lagta hai. Kabhi-kabhi storytelling pattern ek recent Telugu blockbuster ki yaad dilata hai.


Technical Aspects:

Ajaneesh Loknath’s commendable work in “Mangalavaaram” is undeniable. His impactful background score significantly enhances the film, establishing him as one of Sandalwood’s finest talents. The outstanding sound design further amplifies the overall experience. Cinematographer Sivendra Dasaradhi’s captivating visuals and the film’s impressive production values contribute significantly to its technical excellence.

Director Ajay Bhupathi takes on a unique premise and displays commendable storytelling in the second half. His attempt to highlight the dichotomy between two crucial aspects is evident and well-executed. However, the execution of the first half falls notably short, impacting the overall impact of the film. Introducing more thrilling moments could have elevated the movie’s trajectory. Nonetheless, the director effectively utilizes technical prowess to narrate the story, highlighting the strengths of the production.

Jaise ki pehle kaha gaya tha, Ajaneesh Loknath ne Mangalavaaram mein kaafi zabardast kaam kiya hai. Unka shandar background score film ke liye bada faydemand raha, aur woh Sandalwood ke behtareen talents mein se ek hain. Unki excellent sound design kamaal ki icing hai. Cinematographer Sivendra Dasaradhi ke arresting visuals aur stunning production values film ko technically superior banate hain.

Director Ajay Bhupathi ki baat karte hain, unhone Mangalavaaram mein achha kaam kiya hai. Unhone ek unique point choose kiya hai, aur unki narration second half mein achi hai. Unhone do important aspects ke beech ki antar ko dikhane ki koshish ki hai, aur unka approach clear hai. Lekin pehla hissa neeche se hai, aur iska overall impact kam kar deta hai. Agar kuch aur thrilling moments hote, toh film next level tak pahunch sakti thi. Director ne technical values ko kahaani ko batane ke liye badiya tareeke se istemaal kiya hai.


“Mangalavaaram” explores a distinctive concept, offering an engaging screenplay particularly in its second half. Payal Rajput’s character portrayal is well-crafted, showcasing the actress’s remarkable talent. The film stands out with exceptional technical prowess, setting a high standard in recent times. However, the uneven narrative in the first half lacks gripping moments, impacting the overall experience. Despite this, the film merits a watch for its fresh premise and impressive technical quality.

Overall, Mangalavaaram explores a unique concept, with an engaging screenplay especially in the second half. Payal Rajput’s character is well-crafted, and the actress delivers a top-notch performance. The film boasts some of the best technical values in recent times. However, the first half’s narrative feels uneven, lacking gripping moments. Despite this, it’s worth giving this film a chance for its fresh concept and strong technical prowess. Rating: 3/5

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