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My Name Is Shruthi – Has its moments



Release Date : November 17, 2023 Rating : 2.75/5

Starring: Hansika Motwani, Prema, Murali Sharma, Pooja Ramachandran, Raja Ravindra, Praveen, Adukulam Naren

Director: Srinivas Omkhar

Producer: Burugu Ramya Prabhakar

Music Director: Mark. K. Robin

Cinematographer: Kishore Boyidapu

Editor: Chota K Prasad



Shruthi, played by Hansika Motwani, has a job at an advertising agency in Hyderabad. One day, something surprising happens in her apartment. The police arrest her and question her, revealing many secrets. The movie explains what happened in Shruti’s apartment, how MLA Gurumurthy (Aadukalam Naren) is involved, and how Hansika resolves the problem.


“Shruthi, jise Hansika Motwani ne nibhaya hai, ek advertising agency mein Hyderabad mein kaam karti hai. Ek din, uske apartment mein kuch hairat angez ghatna hoti hai. Police use giriftaar karti hai aur use poochtaach karte hain, jisme kai raaz khulte hain. Film yeh samjhati hai ki Shruti ke apartment mein kya hua, MLA Gurumurthy (Aadukalam Naren) isme kaise shamil hua, aur Hansika kaise is samasya ka samadhan karti hai.”


Minus Points:

Hansika Motwani, known for her lively roles, takes on a new and interesting subject in this film and delivers an impressive performance, especially in the second half.

The story delves into the intriguing world of the skin mafia, a theme rarely explored in Tollywood. Director Srinivas Omkhar skillfully handles this unique concept, making a sincere effort to narrate it.

The second half of the movie unfolds an engaging plot with decent twists, keeping the audience eagerly glued to their seats.

Apart from Hansika, the characters played by Murali Sharma and Praveen deserve praise, while the rest of the cast performs adequately in their respective roles.

“Hansika Motwani, jinki lively roles ke liye mashhoor hai, is film mein ek naye aur interesting subject ko lekar aati hai aur khaas karke doosre half mein ek impressionable performance prastut karti hai.

Kahani skin mafia ke rahasyamayi duniya mein ghus jaati hai, jo Tollywood mein kam explore hota hai. Director Srinivas Omkhar iss anokhe concept ko kushal taur par handle karte hain, ise bayan karne mein ek imaandar koshish karte hain.

Film ka doosra half ek engaging plot ko khulne ka mauka deta hai, jisme kuchh twists hote hain, jisse audience apni seats par eagerly baithi rahti hai.

Hansika ke alawa, Murali Sharma aur Praveen dvaara nibhaye gaye kirdaaron ko saraha jaata hai, jabki baaki cast apne-apne roles mein pratispardhaan karte hain.”

Technical Aspects:

Director Srinivas Omkhar manages the film effectively, but giving more attention to the first half, akin to the latter half, could have enhanced the overall impact. The editing, especially in the second half, could be more concise. Cinematography meets expectations, and the production values are respectable. Mark K Robin’s music successfully builds a suspenseful atmosphere.

“Srinivas Omkhar ne film ko prabandhit kiya hai, lekin agar woh doosre half ko pehle half ki tarah dhyan se dekhte, toh yeh film ka overall prabhav aur bhi badh jaata. Editing, khaas karke doosre half mein, thoda aur sankshep ho sakta tha. Cinematography aashirwad deti hai aur production values sammanjanak hain. Mark K Robin ki sangeet ne kamyabi se ek suspenseful mahaul banaya hai.”


In summary, “My Name Is Shruthi” is a thriller with its share of exciting moments. Hansika Motwani delivers a commendable performance, and the captivating storyline with twists in the second half stands out. However, a less compelling narrative and a slow-paced first half are notable drawbacks. For those who enjoy thrillers, this film could be a worthwhile watch for the weekend.

“Sankshipt mein, ‘My Name Is Shruthi’ ek thriller hai jisme kuch dilchasp lamhe hain. Hansika Motwani ne ek sarahniya abhinay prastut kiya hai, aur doosre half mein hone wale twists ke saath ek akarshak kahani dikhti hai. Lekin, kam majboot kahani aur dhima peedhi mein hone wale pehle half mein kuch khamiyan hain. Un logon ke liye jo thriller filmein pasand karte hain, yeh film haftke ke liye ek mahatvapurn dekhe jaane layak ho sakti hai.” Rating: 2.75/5

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