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The Railway Men – Hindi web series on Netflix



The Railway Men – Hindi web series on Netflix

Release Date : November 18, 2023 Rating : 3/5

Starring: Kay Kay Menon, Madhavan, Divyendu, Babil Khan, Sunny Hinduja, Juhi Chawla, Dibyendu Bhattacharya

Director: Shiv Rawali

Producer: YRF Entertainment

Music Director: Sam Slater

Cinematographer: Rubais

Editor: Yasha Jaidev Ramchandani


This show tells the story of train workers who rescued people during a huge disaster called the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. It happened on December 2, 1984, at a pesticide factory in Bhopal called Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL). It’s known as the worst industrial disaster ever..

Yeh show train ke karmachariyon ki kahani batata hai jo Bhopal Gas Tragedy ke dauraan logon ki madad kiye. Yeh hadsa 2 December 1984 ko Bhopal mein hua tha, Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) naam ke pesticide factory mein. Yeh sabse bura udyogik aapda ke roop mein jaana jaata hai.

The Railway Men – Hindi web series on Netflix

Plus Points:

The creators of “The Railway Men” deserve applause for shining a light on the brave but often overlooked railway workers who rescued many lives. The tragedy happened due to a lack of training for Union Carbide workers and inadequate safety measures at the plant, portrayed effectively in the show.

The depiction of the industrial disaster is powerful, evoking deep emotions as innocent lives are tragically lost. The chaos among the people of Bhopal, unaware of the danger, is heart-wrenching and brings tears to the eyes.

The main actors deliver outstanding performances. Kay Kay Menon, especially, shines as the station master, fully immersing himself in the role. His determined efforts to save lives are remarkable. Divyenudu from Mirzapur and Babil Khan provide strong support and add depth to the narrative.

“The Railway Men” ke banane waalon ko khaas taareef ka haq hai unhone anjaam diya hai jo anjaane heroes (railway workers) ki qurbaaniyon ko limelight mein laane ke liye, jinhone hazaron logon ki jaan bachayi. Union Carbide ke workers ke liye sahi training ki kami aur factory mein kamzor suraksha vyavastha ka yeh disaster ka mukhya kaaran tha, aur yeh sab kuch ek sundar tareeke se dikhaya gaya hai.

Udyogik aapda ko kaise dobara se banaya gaya hai, woh behad shandar hai, aur anek masoom jaanon ke jaan jokhim mein aane ki tasveer dekhna dil ko choo jata hai. Bhopal ke logon ne bhi nahi jaana kya ho raha hai unke aaspaas, jiski wajah se unme ladai shuru ho gayi, jo poora hungama paida kiya, aur yeh sabhi scenes humein rula sakte hain.

Lead cast ke performances shandar hain. Sabse zyada, Kay Kay Menon apne station master ke roop mein ubhar kar aaye hain. Unhone poora character mehsoos kiya, aur unka jazbaa logon ko bachane ke liye, wah badiya tha. Mirzapur fame Divyenudu aur Babil Khan ne bhi badiya support diya Kay Kay Menon ko.

railway men png

Minus Points:

“The Railway Men” encounters a challenge with its numerous subplots, many of which lack proper handling and contribute to the show’s prolonged duration. These subplots often lack satisfactory resolutions, and some scenes tend to be excessively dramatic, affecting the overall impact.

For those who admire the English series “Chernobyl,” “The Railway Men” might not fully engage them. While both series explore disasters, “Chernobyl” is considered a masterpiece in every aspect. Additionally, Madhavan’s character could have been developed more effectively, and the pacing occasionally slows down in certain parts of the series.

“The Railway Men” ki mukhya samasya yeh hai ki ismein bahut saare subplots hain. Unme se zyada tar ko sahi tarah se handle nahi kiya gaya hai aur yeh show ko lamba bana dete hain. Subplots ka sahi samapan bhi nahi hai. Kuch scenes over-dramatized hai, jo show ke impact ko kam kar dete hain.

Agar aap Chernobyl jaise English web series ke fan hain, toh shayad aapko “The Railway Men” poori tarah se attract na kare. Dono mein ek jaisi aapdaon ka saamna hai, lekin Chernobyl har sense mein ek masterpiece hai. Madhavan ke character ko behtar likha ja sakta tha. Kuch jagah pace slow ho jaata hai.


Technical Aspects:

YRF Entertainment invested significantly in the series, and it shows in the impressive production quality. The sets are remarkable, beautifully capturing the era they depict. Cinematographer Rubais delivers solid visuals, and Sam Slater’s background score is striking.

Director Shiv Rawali has managed the series decently. While the team conducted thorough research on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, there’s an inclination towards over-dramatization to enhance the show’s appeal. Despite this, the positives of “The Railway Men” overshadow its shortcomings.

YRF Entertainment ne is series par badi rakam kharch ki hai, aur production values kaafi impressive hain. Sets bahut zabardast lagte hain, aur purane zamane ka dhang badiya tarah se dikhaya gaya hai. Cinematographer Rubais ke visuals solid hain, aur background score by Sam Slater bahut hi badiya hai.

Director Shiv Rawali ne series ke saath achha kaam kiya hai. Team ne Bhopal Gas Tragedy ke baare mein comprehensive research ki hai, lekin show ko zyada attractively banane ke liye, kuch cheezein over-dramatize ki gayi hain. Lekin The Railway Men ke positive aspects unke flaws se zyada hain.


“The Railway Men” primarily honors the unsung heroes who sacrificed for others during the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The show shines due to remarkable performances by Kay Kay Menon, Divyendu, and Babil Khan, coupled with several compelling moments. However, the multitude of subplots and occasional slow pacing stand out as key issues. Despite its flaws, “The Railway Men” remains a worthwhile watch, offering a poignant portrayal of courage and sacrifice during a tragic event in history.

On the whole, The Railway Men celebrates the unsung heroes who sacrificed for others during the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The series shines with remarkable performances by Kay Kay Menon, Divyendu, and Babil Khan, and it offers several intriguing moments. However, its numerous subplots and occasional slow pacing are notable issues. Despite these flaws, The Railway Men is a worthy watch. Rating: 3/5

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